Social media

We are using a number of different social media formats to keep our community informed of what's happening in our learning community. These accounts are used by the teachers, not the students, although we may, at times, ask the students for advice as to what include. We also look forward to your feedback

1. Twitter. If you have access to Twitter you can follow the class. Using this media we will inform you of things that are happening, important dates. Our class account can be found at @cc56class.

2. Instagram. A great way to share things that happen in our class. Our Instagram moments have two very important rules. Neither student names nor faces will not be included in the postings that are made. You will be able to see examples of work and the different tools that we use in our class. You can find us at cc56class.

3. Skooville. This is a place where children learn how to be safe and responsible online. They are able to make mistakes and self-correct their own behaviours, receiving personalised feedback from our moderators. Skooville is designed to compliment our studies of online safety and cyber-citizenship.

4. Edmodo This is a place were we upload files that we wise in class. Any tasks that are submitted electronically are also uploaded to this site. We can also use Edmodo as a place where we can discuss tasks and assignments.