What homework is set?

1. Maths Mate
Students are expected to complete the appropriate Maths Mate each week. Please note that there are eight Maths Mates each term. If a student does not hand in the Mathsmate on the day due, then they are required to attend a lunchtime class to redo the task.
Students in 56N are expected to hand in their Maths Mates on a Wednesday, while 56L are to hand in their Maths Mate on a Friday. These days are different because of our timetable. Each class will correct their Maths Mate during the Maths Investigation session, and then update their assessment charts.
Students are most welcome to ask for help before the start of the school day, or at recess and lunchtime, although not on the day that their Maths Mate is due.

2. Spelling
Each Monday, students are provided with a list of ten words that relate to the topic being studied in Literacy/SOSE. During this session the students will be pretested on these words. Throughout the week the class will be studying the structure of these words, as well as use them in our general writing tasks. On Friday students are then retested on the list of words. Extra assistance will be provided to students who spell some of these words incorrectly. If you have internet access at home, then students can find the spelling lists on Quizlet. Students do not need a login for Quizlet. simply search for 'Corryong' in the Quizlet search bar and our class comes up first on the list. We are called 'Corryong 5/6 2014'. Spelling list words are also available on the Spelling page of the class Wiki.

3. Reading
Each student is expected to read for at least 20 minutes every night. During this time students are to read material that is part of a larger piece of wiring, for example a novel. While it is important for students to read material from newspapers and magazines, it is important for students to begin to develop the habit of reading larger pieces for work. Both the school and Shire libraries have an excellent assortment of reading material.
At the end of the reading period the student needs to write the name of the book and the pages read into the correct date in their school diary. Diaries will be checked on Friday of each week. Failure to complete this tasks will result in students using lunchtimes.
Reading should be seen as an exciting and rewarding past-time. If your child needs help to find a type of book, or a series of book, then please do not hesitate to contact us, either via email on cc56class@gmail.com or write a note in your child's diary.
For more information on Reading, please refer to the Premier's Reading Challenge page.

Homework Help

Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a free website that offer thousands of instructional, short video clips on a wide range of education topics. My favourite is the maths sections where you can find help on just about maths topic you would care to think of. Cant remember how to add fractions and it's on the Maths Mate sheet? Well log on to the Khan Academy and search for a video clip on that topic.

Maths Mate Skill Builders. If you believe that your child needs some extra help on certain topics in the Maths Mates then this website will help. You can download the skill builder sheets which provide note explaining how to do a particular questions which is then followed by some practise questions. The skill builders are free to download and use.